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CNF announces new CEO Freddy Ramirez

CNF Technologies announced today that Freddy Ramirez has been appointed new CEO of the company. An experienced leader, Freddy will succeed Roxanne Ramirez and assume responsibilities on January 1, 2022. Roxanne will continue her position on the company’s Board of Directors.

Freddy, son of Founder & Principal Fred Ramirez and previous CEO Roxanne Ramirez, described his early memories of the company, “I remember when my dad started the company back in 2005, how excited but nervous our family was for the adventure. I saw him grow this company from about three people to now over 150. I watched him learn almost every role and work tirelessly to take care of his employees. The experience of watching CNF blossom has been humbling and I’m enthusiastic for our future.”

As CNF’s newest CEO, Freddy positions his focus on the development of company-wide strategic planning with an emphasis on driving innovation, transformation, and growth. Freddy’s knowledge and experience extends into the areas of corporate law and governance, employment law, intellectual property, and government affairs. Freddy joined CNF in 2021 as the company’s first Chief Legal Officer before transitioning into his CEO role.

“We believe Freddy is the perfect fit to lead our valued CNF employees. He has a youthful spirit needed to understand the newest generation of CNF team members, comprehensive discernment, and isn’t bothered by high stress environments,” said Roxanne.

As the newest leader forging innovation, Freddy has taken special interest in supporting the company’s reach into new and emerging technologies through CNF’s R&D division, led by CTO Aaron Grace. Over the last year CNF has increased investments and resources in their research and development program and have added new commercial and educational partners.

Freddy is also looking towards expanding CNF’s presence outside of San Antonio. With the guidance of COO Steve Barish, CNF’s growth in the near future could come from a well-defined merger and acquisition strategy in order to diversify its customer base and position itself in new geographical markets.

“This is an exciting time to be with CNF. We are looking into potentially commercializing some of the hardware our team has been working on. We are moving forward with developing our foothold in the space arena. We’ve made strides in our positioning with other agency customers. Our team plans on continuing CNF’s tradition of world-class service and creative solutions that meet the unique needs of our government and future commercial customers.”

Prior to joining CNF, Freddy worked for almost a decade as an Assistant District Attorney in Bexar County, most recently in the Public Integrity and Cyber Crime Division. A seasoned litigator and trial attorney, Freddy demonstrates the ability to analyze risk, possesses unsurpassed negotiation skills, and sound judgement. Freddy graduated from Texas Tech University and received his law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law.

“When talking to our teammates, I’ve heard a lot of them describe CNF using words like team, family, and people-first. Those words are more just platitudes and my commitment to our team is to build on CNF’s people-centric legacy and make this company all it truly can be,” said Freddy.