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CNF Announces Strategic Hire

San Antonio Dec. 21, 2016 – The fourth largest locally based Cybersecurity service provider in San Antonio announces the strategic hire of Aaron Grace as Director of Cyber Operations. CNF’s decision comes with the utmost confidence that Grace will continue his commitment to America’s Warfighters in providing high quality technical solutions. As Director of Cyber Operations, Grace will oversee current and future CNF projects, expand the company’s presence within the Federal Government, and assist in achieving CNF’s overall strategic objectives. CNF is leading the charge in the San Antonio cyber market providing a full spectrum of cyber operations, mission assurance, and situational awareness. Grace will oversee CNF’s development and sustainment of Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Law Enforcement/Counterintelligence capabilities and cyber weapon systems in support of U.S Cyber Command, Armed Forces and other Federal Agencies. Augmenting numerous Cyber Mission Forces and Cyber Protection Teams, CNF fully understands and supports the mission requirements and imperative necessities of Combatant Commanders in the planning and execution of global joint operations.

“We are proud to announce the newest member of our team, Aaron is a seasoned cyber professional that is dedicated to business and technical excellence. He is the right person to ensure CNF remains a trusted government partner and respected provider of cyber technologies and capabilities.”

Roxanne Ramirez, CEO

About CNF Technologies:

CNF is a trusted government partner and respected provider of innovative cyber technologies and capabilities. Recognized among the top cybersecurity providers in San Antonio, CNF is a comprehensive integration and system engineering small business, specializing in a full spectrum of defensive and offensive cyber operations. Applying exceptional expertise and extensive experience, CNF is distinguished in developing, testing, fielding, sustaining, and employing Cyber weapon systems and technologies for Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Cybersecurity Risk Management, and support to Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence operations. The CNF rapid prototyping capability produces state-of-art cyber defense platforms enabling efficient and all-encompassing cybersecurity for Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise technology, information, and infrastructure. CNF’s CEO, Roxanne Ramirez, is dedicated to customer mission success, employee fulfillment, and giving back to the San Antonio community. The dedicated CNF community outreach program works with local universities, high schools, and charity organizations.

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