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CNF Announces the Appointment of Aaron Grace to Chief Operating Officer

CNF is pleased to announce that Aaron Grace will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer beginning July 6, 2023. Aaron will move from his role as CNF’s first Chief Technology Officer and still retain oversight of CNF’s Research and Development division.

Aaron has been an essential part of CNF’s leadership team and is critical to the company’s future success. His vision and intellect are only matched by his humility. Aaron has been integral in fostering CNF’s relationship with UTSA and their National Security Collaboration Center and will continue to lead those efforts.

As a leader, Aaron places his team at the core of all actions and decisions, directly enhancing productivity, quality, and collective achievements creating a positive ripple effect that can be felt company-wide and by industry partners. His temperament and receptiveness go a long way in fostering a collaborative environment where opportunities and relationships intersect with innovation and execution.

Prior to his role as CTO, Aaron served as CNF’s director of operations and has 15 years of business and technical leadership experience across multiple roles within the defense industry. His commitment to arming America’s Warfighters with state-of-the-art technical solutions has established him as a trusted government partner and respected provider of innovative cyber solutions. Throughout his career, he has developed intimate contact with multiple CNF customers and partners and has demonstrated the spirit and disposition needed to continue enhancing on those connections.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve alongside my CNF colleagues in this new role. Together, we will champion the values that have made this company such a great workplace for nearly 20 years. Thank you all for fighting through the pandemic and an economic downturn to deliver capabilities that DIRECTLY impact our national security. CNF’s future is a bright one. I look forward to many years of COLLECTIVE success and doing my part to ensure this is a place you can be proud of,” said Aaron Grace, Chief Operating Officer.

Please help CNF in congratulating Aaron Grace on his new role as Chief Operating Officer.