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CNF Announces Two Executive Leadership Appointments

CNF Technologies is proud to announce two new executive leadership appointments effective June 1, 2022. Steve Barish, former Chief Operating Officer, has been named the company’s first Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Steve Lewis, former Vice President of Operations, will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). These strategic appointments will help guide CNF as it continues to seek new opportunities while maintaining its reputation of excellence among current customers.

In recalling his experience as COO over the past seven years, Barish stated his time has been fantastic. “We achieved exactly what we set out to do and it’s reflected in the astonishing growth the company has experienced. In this new role as the Chief Strategist, I’m looking forward to developing new tools to assist in expansion, strategic and account plans, corporate development, and channel partnerships. With our depth as a Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations company, emerging capabilities in Spectrum Warfare, Intelligence, and Space, I see a very bright future for CNF.”

Barish continued to discuss the many reasons why his successor, Steve Lewis, was the perfect choice for CNF. “We plan ahead in long cycles at CNF – when we recruited Steve Lewis in 2018 it was in part because he was so suited to be a successor for the Chief Operating Officer position. He offers the ideal combination of operational expertise, leadership, and business acumen that make him the ideal fit for the job.”

Lewis stated he’s extremely honored to have earned the trust and confidence of CNF’s CEO and Board of Directors in the selection process. “Professionals who work in our industry are truly motivated by the mission and making a positive impact in the world. My role, as COO, will be to remove impediments, so that our team can effectively execute that mission.” He went on to say that Barish is an excellent choice for CSO, due to his extensive experience in Business Development and Capture of large IDIQs and Task Orders. “He’s the best of the best! A true strategic thinker that will take CNF to the next level.”

Freddy Ramirez, CEO, spoke of the excitement the company has experienced adding Steve Lewis to the leadership team. He reported that Lewis has been an integral part of CNF’s operations team and has contributed significantly to the organic growth over the last few years. “Lewis kept a steady ship during times of rapid expansion and throughout the drastic pivots we implemented in response to the global pandemic. I know he’ll remain steadfast in yielding the superior results our customers expect.”

In reference to Barish’s new role, Ramirez described CNF surpassing every metric the company put forth thanks in large part to what Steve accomplished in his role as COO. Ramirez said that as CNF’s first CSO, Barish will have the opportunity to capitalize on his knowledge and expertise, gained over decades in our industry, to further CNF’s mission and goals.

Ramirez ended with, “We have two of the most effective and proven guys in the industry, and with them, CNF is ready to tackle the rest of 2022 and years to come.”