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CNF Appoints Chief Technology Officer

San Antonio, Texas. Feb. 22, 2017 –CNF Technologies appoints 25-year cyber industry veteran Andy Pilato as Chief Technology Officer. Pilato will play a key role in shaping CNF’s technology strategy as the company embarks on its next stage of growth as one of San Antonio’s largest locally based cybersecurity providers. CNF’s decision comes with the utmost confidence that Pilato will continue to demonstrate cybersecurity excellence, build strategic partnerships, and produce innovative technological advances capabilities and tools for full spectrum cyber operations. As a cybersecurity subject matter expert, Pilato has had an extended career that encompasses experience in both commercial and government sectors such as NASA, NSA, DoD, the VA, numerous financial institutions, and avionic manufacturers. Pilato launched his cyber career in the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Center as a Security Analyst and member of the Incident Response Team. During the Gulf Wars, Pilato led a cyber security team to support Combined Air Operations Centers by conducting defensive cyber operations to prevent adversarial attacks on military operations. Over the last several years, Pilato has been developing and enhancing Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems that protect the Air Force cyber infrastructure in both ground and air systems. As Chief Technology Officer, Pilato will oversee the technical and strategic aspects of cyber technologies including, the development of Independent Research and Development (IRAD) program, the identification and assessment of emerging technologies affecting client mission success, and expanding CNF’s commercial business.

“We are proud to appoint Andy as CNF’s first Chief Technology Officer. It is with the utmost confidence that I say Andy is the right person for the job. His dedication to the Warfighter coupled with his extensive and well-rounded cybersecurity experience will ensure CNF remains a trusted and respective provider of cyber technologies and capabilities.”

Roxanne Ramirez, CEO


About CNF Technologies:

CNF is a trusted government partner and respected provider of innovative cyber technologies and capabilities. Recognized among the top cybersecurity providers in San Antonio Texas, CNF is a comprehensive integration and system engineering small business, specializing in a full spectrum of defensive and offensive cyber operations. Applying exceptional expertise and extensive experience, CNF is a proven provider in developing, testing, fielding, sustaining, and employing Cyber weapon systems and technologies for Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Cybersecurity Risk Management, and support to Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence operations. CNF’s rapid prototyping capability produces state-of-art cyber defense platforms enabling efficient and all-encompassing cybersecurity for Department of Defense (DoD) enterprises, information, and infrastructure. CNF’s CEO, Roxanne Ramirez, is dedicated to customer mission success, employee fulfillment, and giving back to the San Antonio community. The dedicated CNF community outreach program works with local universities, high schools, and charity organizations.

February 22, 2017 CNF Appoints Chief Technology Officer