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CNF Augments Current Cyber Defense Platform Development & Operations

SAN ANTONIO 23 May 2016—CNF Technologies was selected to augment ongoing operations for an Air Force cyber operations unit to enhance a global cyber defense platform which incorporates a multitude of network defense technologies including intrusion detection and prevention, real-time monitoring and deep packet inspection. CNF has been developing, maintaining, and innovating new solutions for the 24th AF organization since 2008 and is well-regarded throughout the government and industry as a cyber defense subject matter expert (SME). In order to meet surge level workloads requirements and accelerate the delivery of several mission critical needs, CNF was chosen as part of a team to augment the current sustainment team. This approach will ensure that current efforts are not adversely affected. CNF will apply their specialized, highly technical-skills to address urgent needs for a next generation cyber defense platform. The team will deliver an enhanced Next Gen platform architecture fully integrated with a variety of tools and solutions.

About CNF Technologies

CNF Technologies (CNF) was incorporated in 2005 as a small disadvantaged business. Since inception, CNF has been providing the San Antonio cyber workforce with distinguished careers, professional development, and continuing education benefits. Fred Ramirez, Founder of CNF is dedicated to customer mission success, employee fulfillment, and giving back to the San Antonio community. CNF has a dedicated community outreach program with an established scholarship and internship program at a local university, a partnership and cyber camp with a local high school, and an annual donation drive to give to underprivileged children.

“At CNF, I believe our employees are our greatest strength and I take a personal interest and focus on ensuring their personal and professional growth and advancement. Without their expert knowledge, dedication and passion in everything they do, we would not be able to support our client’s mission.”

– Fred Ramirez, Founder

The founders of CNF were pioneers in the cyber operations domain who were instrumental in the stand-up of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT) and the first Veterans Affairs Computer Incident Response Center (CIRC) and have more than century of combined experience in the Air Force, NSA and industry. CNF specializes in solving the most challenging problems in cyber security today, working in offensive and defensive technology development, malicious code analysis and exploitation, Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) and support to Cyber Protection Teams that includes intrusion analysis/prevention, incident response, vulnerability management and eradication, cyber forensics, and training.

May 23, 2019 CNF Augments Current Cyber Defense Platform Development & Operations