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CNF Featured in the San Antonio Business Journal

SAN ANTONIO OCT. 20, 2017—CNF Technologies was featured in the San Antonio Business Journal and recognized as one of the longest-standing cybersecurity companies in San Antonio.

A full copy of the article can be found below and through this link: CNF-SABJ Article

CNF is growing and is being recognized! Recently, CNF was recognized at one the city’s fastest growing companies and one of the city’s top cybersecurity providers. CNF’s CEO, Roxanne Ramirez was recognized as one of the city’s top executives, and asked to serve as a mentor for the 2018 Bizwomen Mentoring Monday event. Jason Garcia, a CNF Principal, was invited to St. Mary’s University as a distinguished guest speaker for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

As CNF continues to grow and be recognized, the CNF leadership team remains focused on developing their employees, exceeding customer expectations, and giving back to the community. Just recently, CNF receive a note from an employee of another company expressing their appreciation for our team and stating that, “CNF employees understand that they work for an outstanding organization and continue to trudge forward as they are vocal and proud of the company that afforded them their great opportunity”. Earlier this month, CNF participated in the Light The Night Walk which has become an annual CNF event, and raised over $2,800 to support the fight against blood cancer. CNF is currently conducting their annual food drive for the San Antonio Food Bank, and has partnered with SA Works and CyberTexas for a student Cyber Shadow Work Day on October 26th.

About CNF Technologies

CNF is a top cybersecurity provider in San Antonio Texas. Applying exceptional expertise and extensive experience, CNF is a proven provider in developing, testing, fielding, sustaining, and

employing Cyber weapon systems and technologies for Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Cybersecurity Risk Management, and support to Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence operations. CNF’s rapid prototyping capability produces state of art cyber defense platforms enabling efficient and all-encompassing cybersecurity for Department of Defense (DoD) enterprises, information, and infrastructure. CNF’s CEO, Roxanne Ramirez, is dedicated to customer mission success, employee fulfillment, and giving back to the San Antonio community.

Copy of the SABJ Article:

CNF Technologies see more than 50 percent growth in 2017

CNF Technologies Corp., also known as Cyber Net Force, is a San Antonio-based cybersecurity company that mostly does work for the U.S. government. Many of its employees hold the highest available top secret government clearances, so many details of its work are under wraps for national security purposes.

Business is booming as the local company has secured subcontracts from other defense contractors looking for niche expertise. Its top leaders, CEO Roxanne Ramirez and principal Fred Ramirez, told the Business Journal that the company expects to have grown 50 percent by the end of 2017 and by double digits in 2018. From 2014 to 2016, the company increased its gross revenue 34 percent to $6.6 million, according to Business Journal research.

CNF Technologies was founded in 2005 by Fred Ramirez. He was once a civilian U.S. Air Force employee in the Air Force Information Warfare Center. After more than a decade in defense contracting, CNF Technologies decided to develop proprietary products stemming from expertise securing various branches of the Defense Department. It is still in the early stages of development for next generation cybersecurity tools.

Fred Ramirez said the landscape of cybersecurity in San Antonio has changed and grown significantly over his time in the industry. When the company began, he could count on his fingers how many businesses focused on cybersecurity.

“Today, everybody does cybersecurity,” he said.

Cyber breaches have evolved over time also. In the mid-2000s, there were more issues with viruses getting through firewalls, he said. Now, there are more cybercriminals getting inside computer networks, and many tools aim to stop security breaches from within by users who obtained credentials from employees — often through social engineering.

“Instead of focusing more on the perimeter protection, we’re now more focused on how you prevent an insider threat. Once the malware gets into your system, he’s [the hacker] really an insider,” he said. “We’re also building the next-generation intrusion prevention systems. It’s about detecting events inside a network that would be missed on a normal scan.”

CNF Technologies, which has employees working at security operations centers inside military bases, conducts penetration testing and network monitoring, as well as building software to prevent intruders from entering the computer system. Often cybercriminals targeting government agencies look for intelligence and are tied to nation states.

Roxanne Ramirez said the business is sought by large defense contractors looking to augment local staff working inside military bases or to develop cybersecurity technology that requires top clearances.

In recent years, she has stepped up from chief financial officer to CEO.

“We’re growing because a lot of the prime contractors come looking for us,” she said. “We’re strong in what we do.”

CNF Technologies Corp.

October 20, 2017 CNF Featured in the San Antonio Business Journal