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CNF Hires National Security Agency Executive

San Antonio August 14, 2019 One of San Antonio’s largest cybersecurity companies, has hired a high profile NSA professional, Dr. Steven Larson, adding another key member to their ever-growing team.

Steven ‘Swede’ Larson, Ph.D., is another in a line of prestigious hires by CNF due to his noteworthy experience in many facets of leadership, management, and operations. He started his career in the U.S. Navy, ultimately achieving the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, the highest enlisted rank obtainable. Commissioned from the ranks as an officer, he continued to serve for a total of over thirty years, retiring at the rank of Commander. During these years he proved himself to be a dynamic leader and manager by successfully holding and progressing through many notable positions including Director of IT, Operations Officer, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer. His last assignment before retirement was as the Chief of Operations for the Information Warfare Support Center where he and his team provided combat and other support to America’s missions on a global scale.

Following his retirement from the Navy, Dr. Larson continued his service to the U.S. as a civilian employee. Leveraging his prior experience, he first served as Deputy Chief of Operations in the predecessor organization to U. S. Cyber Command, assisting with the development of foundational concepts and processes for network warfare. He then accepted an appointment as the Director of the NSA Threat Operations Center, charged with building the organization from the ground up, to one of the key components in NSA’s cybersecurity enterprise. Recalled to U. S. Cyber Command, he served as the Deputy Chief for Strategy, Policy, and Doctrine, and assisted with development of policies that defined the course of cyber for the nation. Returning to San Antonio, Dr. Larson acted in pivotal roles within the NSA Texas organization, culminating in his assignment as Chief of Staff.

“We are excited to have Swede’s expertise and experience added to our company where he will serve as a professional advisor and manager on the Rapid Cyber Acquisition and Technology Transfer contract, the largest CNF contract to date”, Roxanne Ramirez, CEO. He will also be a vital member of the National Security Collaboration Center as a representative of the Industry, leveraging his background and experience in academia and the government.

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CNF is an award-winning full-spectrum cyber operations, systems engineering, and research and development firm, founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. CNF is recognized as one of San Antonio’s largest and fastest-growing cybersecurity providers. We are a well-known employer of choice and trusted Government services provider in developing, testing, fielding, sustaining, and employing Cyber weapon systems and technologies for Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Cybersecurity Risk Management, and support to Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence operations. CNF’s signature rapid prototyping capability produces state of the art cyber defense platforms enabling efficient and all-encompassing cybersecurity for small and large enterprises, information, and infrastructure

.August 14, 2019 CNFWelcomesSwedeLarsonToTheTeam