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CNF Sponsors GRCon 2020

CNF Technologies is a proud sponsor of the 10th annual GNU Radio Conference!

This year GRCon chose to go virtual due to Covid-19, prioritizing the safety and protection of all presenters and attendees. Although the conference was online, there was a record-breaking number of attendees live streaming the event.

CNF’s team, led by Dan Roberts, has been working for the past 12 months to introduce the next major public release of OpenCPI v2.0 as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). CNF’s OpenCPI team presented 3 talks in the main track of the conference and hosted 2 technical, hands-on SDR/FPGA development workshops.

The workshops were proven to be well received and sold out immediately. All presentations were livestreamed on YouTube during this virtual event yielding the highest year of attendees participating in the history of GRCon with approximately 1,500 people watching! Presentations can still be found on YouTube allowing easy access for attendees to revisit new and insightful information.

CNF’s OpenCPI team presented the following presentations:

• Technical Talk: Introducing OpenCPI as an Infrastructure for GNU Radio and GNU Radio Companion
• Technical Talk 2: Community Continuous Integration (CI) for GNU Radio
• Sponsor Talk: CNF Technologies Corporate Overview and Representative Research Programs like OpenCPI
• Workshop: Introduction to GRC Development for OpenCPI
• Workshop: Supporting New Hardware Using the OpenCPI Support Project (OSP) Process

For more information on the presentations and CNF’s work, please visit the following websites:

GRCon Sponsor Page:
CNF’s Virtual Expo Page: