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SeaPort-e 8(a) (Official Site)

Task Orders

Task Orders will be added as they are awarded. At this present time, CNF Technologies does not have any under contract.

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Using SeaPort-e, the Navy and other DoD customers can leverage an integrated approach to contracting for engineering support services. The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized means of issuing competitive solicitations amongst a large & diverse community of approved contractors, as well as a platform for awarding & managing performance-based task orders. This unified approach allows SeaPort-e service procurement teams to leverage their best work products, practices and approaches across the Navy's critical service business sector.

CNF Technologies provides the full spectrum of systems engineering, technical and programmatic support services to the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Warfare Centers. Our core capabilities cover a range of technical skills that are essential throughout the entire life cycle of war fighting product development

Our team of certified professionals are recognized experts in cyber operations including network defense solutions development, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, source code review, incident response, and forensic analysis. We have expanded our customer base and provide proven experts in designing, managing, operating, and sustaining enterprise level systems; and provide a broad range of healthcare informatics/epidemiology services and analysis.

  • CNF Technologies Contract Number: N00178-12-D-6818
  • Place of Performance: Zone (4), Gulf Coast Zone
Points of Contact

Fred Ramirez, General Manager,, 210.957.2800

Quality Assurance

CNF Technologies Quality Policy Statement

We will achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed customer requirements.

CNF Technologies Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Assurance can only be effective with stringent configuration management procedures in which all software, hardware, and documentation is closely controlled to prevent unauthorized changes from being implemented.

CNF Technologies has established the Quality Management System (QMS) that demonstrates our capability to consistently provide solutions and services that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and to operate with increased effectiveness and efficiency with the overall aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. Our QMS utilizes the process approach and quality management principles to enhance our ability to continually improve. These principles are contained in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO): ISO 9000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9004:2000.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) baselines, documents, and implements our quality policies and related processes for providing quality services and solutions which meet or exceed customer requirements. Our quality policy statement indicates our commitment and focuses on what is important to us as an organization. By continually improving processes, products, and services we strive to ensure we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s needs and requirements. Moreover, our quality policy statement acts as a compass in providing the direction and a framework for establishing key corporate level performance measures and related improvement objectives. CNF’s quality program objectives will ensure the customer receives superior service by providing common procedures which are used throughout the corporate structure. Our quality control plan helps ensure the overall success of any project by providing valuable assistance in Project Reviews, Document Review, Performance Reviews, and Training. CNF mandates frequent reviews and audits to ensure program performance and to enforce quality assurance and quality control measures that apply to resources, scheduling, and deliverables. During these reviews and audits, senior managers assess program records to ensure compliance with established procedures and program requirements. Project status is audited against the established project schedules, deliverables and services and then noted and tracked by QA personnel. These reviews and audits will ensure all objectives are being met and the customer’s expectations are fulfilled. The program manager, together with the task manager, are ultimately responsible for the sound management of all tasks associated with any project, including adhering to schedule and time frames, ensuring the program remains within budget, and providing high-quality, on-time deliverables. Our quality assurance goal is for an achievement of ZERO DEFECTS in deliverables and 100% on-time delivery performance.