Fred Ramirez

“Enthusiasm, integrity, and intelligence is at the core of our excellence. It’s what I demand of myself each day and seek in the people I work with.”

You can’t tell the story of CNF Technologies without talking about Founder & Principal Fred Ramirez’s career: the history of both goes hand and hand. Fred has been deeply embedded at the forefront of cybersecurity for over 30 years and before the term, ‘cybersecurity’ was readily accepted. During this time, Fred has been developing and implementing state of the art cybersecurity capabilities, professionally growing and recruiting local cyber experts, and expanding the city’s cybersecurity workforce by creating hundreds of jobs. In 2005, Fred incorporated Cyber Net Force Technologies, now known as CNF, a leading research and development, cyber and multi-domain operations firm. 

In 2017, Fred was inducted into the renowned San Antonio Cyber Hall of Honor. This unique and prestigious award recognizes those who understood, accepted, and overcame risks and challenges by innovatively forging new technological paths in San Antonio, throughout the nation, and globally. Though he’s collected many awards, his biggest source of pride comes from watching his employees grow professionally and personally. “I can’t describe the pride I feel when I see a teammate succeed. Whether it’s an individual securing a vulnerability, a team successfully completing a contract, or someone buying a car or building a home, I’m so honored to have helped my employees, their families, and our community. That’s what makes me proud.”