Jonathan Garcia

As CFO, Jon is responsible for CNF’s financial functions including accounting, auditing, corporate finance, and partner relations while extending his expertise to contracting, facility management, and information technology. In addition to financial affairs, Jon has developed and implemented company policies and procedures keeping pace with CNF’s growth while maintaining the company’s signature culture. Since joining CNF in 2015, Jon has been instrumental in executing business development strategies and project management. Local accolades achieved include San Antonio Business Journal Fastest Growing Private Companies and SABJ Largest Local Software Developer. CNF was also ranked nationally on the prestigious Inc. 5000-America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list. Jon has helped lead the company’s substantial business expansion to Port San Antonio’s first specialized cyber-capable Project Tech, a research and development facility while expanding the company to new locations throughout the nation.

Jonathan spent four years active duty in the U.S. Army from 2010 to 2014.  He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his expertise included all-source intelligence, signals intelligence, human intelligence and counter-improvised explosive device operations. In his last role, Jon was an officer responsible for operations across two provinces while deployed to Eastern Afghanistan.  Here he gathered and fused intelligence and electronic warfare capabilities to successfully carry out C-IED operations. Upon finishing his tour to Afghanistan, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.