Steve Barish

Steve Barish was named CSO in September 2015. Under his leadership, CNF continues to develop innovative and disruptive technologies designed to mitigate major threats to U.S. National Security in the Cyber and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance domains. Beyond fulfilling traditional duties, Steve has created and employed the company’s growth strategy plan, implemented its first Quality and Operational Excellence programs, and revitalized the business development approach. During Steve’s tenure, CNF has expanded on the company’s legacy as a cyber operations and technology developer for Air Force Cyber and has opened new markets within Army Cyber, Navy Cyber, U.S. Cyber Command, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the National Security Agency. On his watch CNF has become one of the fastest-growing companies, is a member of the INC. 5000 awards, and most impressively has experienced in excess of 35% compound annual growth rate since 2015. In recognition of his efforts, Steve was selected as one of the top C-Suite Executives by the San Antonio Business Journal in 2018. 

Steve spent eight years active duty in the US Air Force from 1992 to 2000, reaching the rank of captain prior to separating and seeking out a civilian career. His expertise includes engineering and program management for multi-spectral imaging systems, electro-optic/electromagnetic countermeasures, command and control warfare, and cyber operations.