Tracie Partee

As the Director of the PMO, Tracie’s primary focus is on defining, maintaining, and ensuring project management standards are complying with company policies, DFARS/FAR and contractual requirements. In this consulting role, she ensures that teams follow best practices and have the knowledge they need to stay on track. She assures the PMO is directly tied to operations to facilitate execution through project support and accountability to contractual compliance. Tracie plays vital role in maximizing productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring long-term success for the company.

In 2020, Tracie was the Director of Cyber Capability Development and Integration and oversaw the creation of CNF’s offensive software tool factory. Tracie joined CNF in 2019 as the Director of Cyber Test and Integration with the mission of establishing CNF’s test and evaluation capabilities.

Tracie is an accomplished cyber professional with over 40 years of experience. She started her career as an electronic warfare technician for the US Army, then took her first contract job where she tested and installed RF distribution systems around the world. Next, she built, tested, integrated, and installed RF collection systems. She also researched and developed tactics, techniques, and procedures against 802.11 wireless attack tools, created/executed security testing one of the first field programmable gate arrays used by the National Security Agency. Tracy spent 12 years supporting the 346th Test Squadron as their offensive test subject matter expert and three years as the Program Manager for the 67th Cyberspace Operations Group WRANGLER program, where she doubled the size of that contract.

Tracie’s steadfast commitment to helping the warfighter successfully execute their mission, along with her no-nonsense style of mentoring her team members, has established her as a trusted partner by both government customers and corporate leaders. She’s an invaluable asset to both.