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Intern Today, Employee Tomorrow

When Fred Ramirez founded CNF Technologies in 2005, he knew the importance of attracting and retaining talent, but equally understood the value of growing experts from within. His idea was simple: offer hands-on real-world opportunities where students could learn and work alongside industry professionals. Nearly 15 years later, with CNF operations spanning across six states and supporting customers worldwide, growing talent and promoting from within remain an objective and enduring pillar of CNF’s Culture.

“Growing talent, with ever evolving skill set requirements, is especially important in the cyber world to stay ahead of the game. As a company we also benefit greatly from thinking outside the box and other innovative methods that a lot of times can only come from a new, fresh minds such as a college intern or recent college graduate” said Fred Ramirez, CNF Founder & Principal.

CNF dedicates numerous resources to the community and academia to discovering and growing the next generation of cyber leaders. CNF is partnered with University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) where together they have established the CNF Cybersecurity Scholarship and Internship opportunity. The National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) is another CNF partner whose work advances research, education, and workforce development in the cyber forefront.

The goal of CNF’s internships is to advance the intern’s knowledge and skill set ultimately qualifying them for immediate hire upon graduation. CNF is happy to offer real-life work experiences for students passionate about cyber and security, but even more proud to turn these interns of today into employees of tomorrow.

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Market Insights