Senior Network/Security Engineer – San Antonio, TX


Assist in day-to-day oversight of critical IT infrastructure and identify weaknesses, then create robust countermeasures to avoid security breaches and/or incidents. Train employees on security best practices and advice management on investments to safeguard the company’s computer and network systems. Assist in creating/updating security protocols, procedures, policies for the overall security posture of the IT security infrastructure. Assist in performing vulnerability/risk assessments for customers.


*Develop, execute, and track the performance of security measures to protect information, network infrastructure and computer systems.

*Review and update current security plans and strategies.

*Engineer comprehensive cybersecurity architectures.

*Identify, define, and document system security requirements and develop solutions.

*Maintain security software monitoring systems which help identify security breaches, irregular behavior, then and set up preventive measures.

*Oversee security monitoring program and staff.

*Assist in CMMC3 regulatory compliance adherence.

*Assist in Planning, development, and implementation of company information security strategy.

*Educate and train staff on information system security best practices.

*Perform routine vulnerability assessments and create risk assessment reports for customers.


Risk/Vulnerability Assessments, Network, Linux and Windows Administration, Shell Scripting, and familiar with RMF, CMMC regulatory requirements.


3+ years, vulnerability assessment/penetration testing
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Information Security or Cyber Security
Desired Certifications: CompTIA Sec+, CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)