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Countermeasure Development

CNF personnel have unmatched experience in network defense, intrusion detection, vulnerability and threat assessments, penetration testing, source code reviews, incident response, malicious code reverse engineering, forensics analysis and cyber operations. We are experts in cyber security and broad spectrum cyber operations strategies, techniques, and technologies. This level of subject matter expertise coupled with our extensive Systems Engineering experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide proven and effective cyber operations solutions.

Our team has designed, prototyped, developed and fielded innovative solutions using rapid, spiral development processes, and deployed and tested these solutions across large enterprises. We have evaluated and integrated emerging leading-edge technologies, researched and prototyped specialized security tools, and implemented secure enterprise architecture solutions utilizing cyber operations technologies such as real-time network monitoring; intrusion detection and prevention techniques including attack signature recognition, anomaly detection, expert system correlation, and pattern recognition; data management, correlation, and forensic capabilities; and reporting, data visualization and policy enforcement. Our tools and solutions have been proven through successful implementation in a number of government and commercial enterprises.

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