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Forensics Analysis

Identifying an incident and/or intrusion is only the start of a process to gain insight into network malicious activities. A critical aspect to the incident handling process is doing the forensics analysis to determine what happened to prevent an incident from happening again.

CNF is a recognized expert in incident response, computer forensics and specifically malware reverse engineering. We have the core skills required to collect and analyze data from Windows and Linux computer systems, reverse-engineer malicious software (malware), the ability to conduct formal incident investigations, and handle advanced complex digital forensic cases; including internal and external data breach intrusions, advanced persistent threats, examining and characterizing the inner-workings of malware through reverse engineering, and recognition of anti-forensic techniques used by attackers. Our forensics analysts are experts in EnCase, The Sleuth Kit (TSK) and Autopsy. Our reverse engineers are experts in IDA Pro, Immunity Debugger and Olly Debug. We have the core skills required to reverse-engineer malicious software (malware) and provide technical, in-depth malware analysis reports. Our experts can also code Immunity scripts, IDA Pro scripts, and custom reverse engineering scripts. Using behavior and static analysis our experts provide operational support and software development support.

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