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Network Operations Monitoring and Response

A critical component of any cyber operations mission implementation is the ability to monitor network activity, detect anomalous activities, analyze collected data, and provide an appropriate response to malicious incidents. Standing up a Network Operations Monitoring and Response function requires subject matter expertise, technical insight, extensive network knowledge, and experience in implementing and operating a 24/7 operations center, insuring the right skills, processes, and technologies are in place.

CNF is one of the few companies that have personnel that have actually done it all; developed and fielded sensors, provided network and forensics analysis, reverse engineered malicious code, correlated incidents, and responded to incidents. They have developed and implemented all the necessary processes for monitoring, reporting and responding and have designed, managed, and participated in the day to day operations of security operations centers including the incident response sections of those centers.

CNF brings a deep understanding of incident response and security operations. This understanding allows us to efficiently stand up, manage, and operate security operations for any sized organization while utilizing vast experiences to keep the risk and cost to the organization at a minimum.

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