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Red Team and Vulnerability Testing

To insure your cyber operations infrastructure is robust and forces are prepared for attack, you require a realistic assessment of your overall cyber operations posture. An accepted methodology for doing this is to test your resources by standing up a “Red Team”.

A red team is a group of network operations experts and penetration testers that assess the overall posture of your enterprise and organization, normally without prior notification and without knowledge of the existence of the team or its exact objectives. CNF has the experience and skills to successfully stand up and execute red team activities. We have the knowledge to plan and execute an aggressor team that can emulate various threat actors, equipment, and techniques that may be unknown by the defenders. Our red teams trigger active controls, execution of countermeasures, and implementation of appropriate operational tactics and procedures. Our red teams are used to reveal weaknesses in defenses, shortfalls in training, and an overall assessment of operational readiness.

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