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Custom Software Design and Development

We provide a full range of software design and development capabilities ranging from a bottoms-up design based on specified customer requirements to quick reaction capabilities required to solve a specific near term problem. Whether it is an enterprise level system, web based applications, or a new database design, CNF has done it all.

We are equally comfortable in various development environments including a classic Waterfall model, spiral development or an agile development approach. We are flexible enough to satisfy emergency mission essential requirements through quick reaction efforts, but equally proficient at designing, testing, documenting, and fielding against established performance requirements. We are experts in planning, development, implementing quality assurance processes, setting up configuration management processes, providing full documentation, writing technical orders and user guides, testing solutions in both development and operational environments, and leading efforts that result in full operational system integration and fielding.

A current effort we are leading consists of over 1.5 million lines of code in C, C++, JAVA, JAVA Enterprise, JBOSS, PERL, XML, PacketC as well as low level embedded programming languages. The foundation software these applications are designed for include Windows, LINUX, SUN, VMware, MS-SQL, MySQL and Oracle Databases. The hardware includes CloudShield, Juniper/Cisco switches, x86 and x64 based enterprise servers.

For more information on CNF Systems Engineering and how we can help your company and organization, please contact us.