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Database Design and Development

CNF provides expertise in database design and development. We provide expertise with various Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS). These include MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. Our development team is not only proficient in installing and tuning of these databases, but also proficient in the writing client server applications that access these databases. Our proficiency includes expertise in using the language capabilities of these relational databases. This means that our development staff can program in Oracle's PL/SQL, Microsoft's Transact SQL, Sybase Transact SQL and the MySQL programing languages.

This expertise allows our development team to write client-server applications in various high level languages, such as, Java, C/C++, Microsoft C#, and script languages, such as Python and Perl, that make use of the full capabilities of these relational databases. This technical expertise allows CNF to develop web and stand-alone applications which can effectively and efficiently use the full capabilities of their relational database systems.

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