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Virtualization Services and Solutions

CNF is a pioneer in the use of virtual technology. From day one, CNF has provided leading edge virtualization services to our commercial and government clients. Our virtual technology prototypes and solutions have been tested and are operationally used throughout the government; from workstations, servers, and gateway infrastructures; extending outward all the way into airborne networks including lightweight security devices on airframes.

Currently, we are developing the AF high-speed, virtualized intrusion prevention system which protects the AF enterprise boundaries as well as multiple AF base-level boundaries. CNF can provide the technical expertise required to efficiently design, create and install specialized security systems, small network infrastructures, or enterprise class virtual architectures. These virtual designs, tailored to the specific and unique requirements of our customers can provide increased system productivity while substantially decreasing size, power, weight, and overall hardware footprint while making them easier to maintain, recover, update and expand.

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