Get to Know CNF

A Culture that Achieves

At CNF Technologies we believe our greatest asset is our people. Our employee-first culture begins with taking radical ownership over the work environment we provide as well as the welfare and professional development of our team. We know that by prioritizing the individual, we gain industry-wide leverage that manifests as a force of focused, energized, and loyal providers who are prepared at any given moment to deliver maximum-quality support. Customers across the nation can validate our ability to achieve a complete and successful mission, rather than base-line contractual compliance. This philosophy has been the bedrock of our company culture since inception and will continue to serve us long into the future.

Mission / Values

Our purpose is to secure our nation’s defense and critical assets through customized research and development, integration, and operation of full-spectrum cyber capabilities. At CNF Technologies, each mission, regardless of size, is tackled with an investigative, analytical approach to ensure that we produce powerful and divergent solutions unique to your challenges. We strive daily to apply our core values of integrity and excellence to every decision we make so that we can adhere to the highest ethical standards and in turn yield innovative and sustainable results.

Fred Ramirez

Founder & Principal

Roxanne Ramirez

Board Member

Freddy Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Barish

Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan Garcia

Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Grace

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Garcia

Executive Director, Mission Engineering and Integration

Lisa McMurtry

Director, Cyber Capability Development & Integration

Tom Sillence

Director, Space & Spectrum Warfare

Tracie Partee

Director, Project Management Office

Tom Arthur

Director, Cyber Governance & Technology Solutions

Jason Morales

Program Manager

Jim Pruett

Program Manager, Cyber Development & Integrations

Alicia Keener

Financial Analyst, Accountant

Nikki Bell

Sr. HR Specialist

Liz Vasquez

HR Specialist

Award-Winning Solutions

CNF Technologies is an award-winning, nationally recognized cyber company providing technology-focused research and development to commercial, federal, and Department of Defense clients. CNF is an American-owned business based in San Antonio, Texas with over 150 employees and operates nationwide.


One of CNF’s core values is innovation. Our team advances the state of science and technology in pursuit of game-changing capabilities that preserve and enhance national security. We operate a growing portfolio of R&D programs with a focus on transitioning capabilities into operational use:

Frameworks for Embedded Systems Development – Developing and leveraging open source frameworks for heterogeneous embedded systems development to enable more efficient, scalable, and reusable software development for embedded devices like FPGA, GPP, GPU, etc. in support of signal processing, RF applications, and hardware acceleration

Software Defined Radio – Design and development of SDR applications using OpenCPI, GNU Radio, and REDHAWK as components of systems for signal collection, processing, converged EW/Cyber, and multi-domain operations

Tactical Anti-Jam Technologies – Leveraging waveform simulators and embedded systems to develop technologies to autonomously defeat adversary electronic attack against future software defined radios employed at the tactical edge

Instrumentation & Testing in Heterogeneous Environments – Delivering automated testing and continuous integration pipelines across traditional deployment environments as well as embedded systems, in highly-virtualized and distributed cloud-based instantiations

Foundational Tools and Access Techniques – Continual research to develop new access methodology and capabilities for future development into OCO/DCO tools

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning – Developing AI/ML techniques to enhance human understanding of the cyber battlespace and orchestrate operations


CNF delivers a broad array of engineering and development, intelligence analysis, training, tactics development, and operational support throughout the DoD Cyber Community. We deliver cutting-edge cyber capabilities; enhance, integrate, and field cyber platforms, frameworks, and tools while sustaining and modernizing weapon systems and capabilities for our Nation and our Cyber Warriors through:

Mission Assurance – Hardening and securing networks, applications, and mission systems integral to DoD warfighting

System Engineering & Development – Developing systems, platforms, frameworks, and capabilities to enhance cybersecurity and conduct full-spectrum cyber operations

Vulnerability Research and Exploitation – Reverse engineering, characterization, and exploitation of malware, hardware, and software to develop cyber tools and capabilities

Threat & Intelligence Analysis – Leveraging all-source intelligence, cyber threat reports, network traffic capture, and reversed malware to identify emerging threats

Platform Integration & Enhancement – Sustainment & modernization of DoD weapon systems used for OCO/DCO, and adding additional capability to prosecute emerging technologies and targets

Tactics Development & Training – Developing and testing employment methodologies to achieve maximum operational impact

Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations – Working side by side 24x7x365 developing threat assessments, intelligence reports, targeting, planning, and conducting operational support in the OCO/DCO mission set


CNF is at the forefront of prototyping and fielding converged Cyberspace, Electronic Warfare, and Space Domain solutions to enable the asymmetric arm of the Joint Forces approach to multi-domain operations. These solutions encompass offensive and defensive mission sets, and multiple mission systems, often leveraging existing data and systems in a novel and unique ways:

Defensive Cyber Operations for Space – Rapidly integrating and evolving DCO capabilities to protect America’s strategic advantage in space

Non-Traditional ISR Solutions – Leveraging data analysis and AI/ML techniques to predict adversary order of battle from Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and other EW systems

RF-enabled Cyber Prototyping – Design, develop, integrate, and flight test airborne converged EW/Cyber capabilities to conduct OCO, ELINT, Electronic Support, and Electronic Attack missions

Warfighter Tactics Evaluation – Implementing test ranges, instrumentation suites, automated test orchestration, and assisting in the assessment of cyber and multi-domain operations tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)